A different Valentine's Day 2018

Calling all fathers!

This year, do something different for Valentine's Day! Take your daughter out for her first date, and demonstrate to her the expectations of a gentleman. Show her how she should be treated when she's ready for her first date, and spend some quality bonding time with her.


Join TV celebrity, Darren Lim, and his daughter, Kristen, on board their family yacht, Gracefully, for a special Valentine's Day. 

Treat your daughter to a once-in-a-lifetime yacht experience and picnic by the beach on one of Singapore's most beautiful islands, Lazarus Island.

4pm - 5pm: Cruise around the Southern Islands of Singapore, and experience the peace and tranquility of the sea when our sails are hoisted and engines are switched off. 
5pm - 7pm: Arrive at Lazarus Island and have a private picnic by the beach. (Picnic basket, mat, snacks and drinks are provided.)
7pm - 8pm: Take a scenic cruise to the Marina Bay area for a beautiful night view of our iconic city skyline.

Event Date: 14 Feb 2018
Event Time: 4pm - 8pm
Departing from: ONE 15 Marina Club

Ideal for daughters aged 8-15 years old. (But all ages are welcome!)

Price: S$288+ per father-daughter couple.
+Price subject to 7% GST.

To sign up:
Drop us an email at hello@ximulasail.com with the subject 'Valentine's Day 2018' and both father's and daughter's names, and we'll follow up with you. (:

I want to be a #ximulasailor!

Come join the Ximula Sail family! In line with our vision of inspiring more people to sail, we are looking for fun-loving part-time crew who are passionate about the outdoors and can work under the hot sun. Shortlisted candidates will get a chance to learn the ropes through a free first trial of our Experiential Sailing Program in Jan/Feb 2017.

Part Time Crew


  1. Assist the captain to prepare the yacht before every charter.
  2. Assist the captain during charters in terms of securing lines, berthing/unberthing, lookout duties, hoisting sails, and other duties.
  3. Ensure the safety of all guests on board.
  4. Offer help/assistance to guests whenever and wherever required.
  5. Provide a good overall charter experience to all guests onboard
  6. Wash and clean up the yacht after the end of every charter.


  1. Must be at least 18 years old
  2. Passionate about the outdoors and can work under rain or shine
  3. Physically fit and strong enough to carry kayaks
  4. Sociable and engaging; able to interact comfortably with strangers
  5. Self-motivated with attention to detail
  6. PPCDL or any experience in sailing is a plus
  7. Able to work on weekends and public holidays

If you have what it takes, please send us an email to minqi@ximulasail.com with the subject: "I want to be a ximulasailor" and include the following:

  1. Resume (with photo attached),
  2. Any relevant certificates/experiences you may have, and
  3. Your availability.

Deadline: 10 Jan 2017
Only shortlisted candidates will be notified. 

Nautical Archives

Last weekend, while heading to St. John's dock praying for a space to berth our guests, we miraculously met our old family boat from 20 years ago. 

SZ10637Z berthed at St. John's dock. Nov 1, 2014.

SZ10637Z berthed at St. John's dock. Nov 1, 2014.

Captain Wong was super excited when he spotted it berthed at St. John's dock, exclaiming "That's our old boat! It's still around!" It was so unbelievable that our second-hand family boat from 1994 could still be alive and kicking that I scrolled through my phone's photos to find that one photo we took 20 years ago, just so we could verify it was the exact same license number. And yes it was, SZ10637Z. It hasn't changed a single bit, except the refurbished interior (according to the new owner whom Captain Wong insisted he had to speak to).

Our family and relatives on SZ10637Z. 1994.

Our family and relatives on SZ10637Z. 1994.

Ever since we started Ximula Sail, many of my friends like to ask, "Why your dad suddenly decide to buy a boat?" The truth is, it wasn't a sudden decision. It was more of a dream he worked towards (like how some guys would dream of owning a Ferrari), a decision that was perhaps made ever since he gave up this SZ10637Z due to the expensive upkeep, but only recently fulfilled. 

Since young, Captain Wong had always been into sailing, having achieved his boating license back in 1990s when he was 30+ years old. Back in those days, he would often rent a sailboat with a group of friends to sail out for fishing, or just for fun.

TC Wong sailing with his friends. 1997.

TC Wong sailing with his friends. 1997.

When he bought the boat SZ10637Z, almost all our weekends were either spent hanging out at Keppel Marina where it was berthed (mind you, Keppel Marina used to be so different: the pavements were uneven, there was only a small canteen and a constant fishy smell in the air) or sailing out to Batam together with our relatives and family friends. 

I still remember that I would be puking from the back of the boat every single time we sailed out to Batam - I could smell the terrible stench of engine oil all the time. Although I hated the journey on board, I was always ecstatic to finally arrive at Nongsa Point Marina, where all of us little children would be running around the resort, splashing in the swimming pool or playing whatever games we could think of. (:

My younger brother and I hanging out at Nongsa Point Marina. 

My younger brother and I hanging out at Nongsa Point Marina. 

These are faint memories now, occasionally replayed when we browse through the few photos we took during those days and chucked into the deep recesses of our brains ever since we had to let our boat go.

Who would have known that 20 years later, we would be able to revisit these memories with our new yacht XIMULA

XIMULA arriving at ONE 15 Marina Club. Sep 6, 2013.

XIMULA arriving at ONE 15 Marina Club. Sep 6, 2013.

We have been so excited since it arrived that we've been busy parading it around the Southern Islands, bringing all our relatives and friends out for a ride and parties and catching New Year's Eve's fireworks, and sailing to our neighboring countries like Batam (multiple times), Bintan, Pulau Tioman, Pulau Sibu, and even all the way to Phuket for a good whole month (will save Phuket for another blogpost). (: (: 

One of our greatest discoveries (with a little bit of sadness) while spending time here on our yacht is that even though Singapore is essentially surrounded by water, the concept of owning a yacht, or even boating or sailing, is still so foreign to many Singaporeans! A huge majority of our neighbours and people we meet at the marina are non-locals too! WHY?!?!?  

Come out here, fellow Singaporeans! Beyond our tall skyscrapers and vibrant city life, Singapore can also offer a cool, breezy, laid-back getaway anytime. And we're determined to share with you just that! (:

The story of XIMULA

Yay! I am so happy that this website is finally up! And also secretly proud of myself (really noob at this kind of technology-related stuff) for setting this up with no professional help! After several months of trial-and-error, consulting Google, typing a thousand questions on the Squarespace help page, getting advice from friends and family, our Ximula Sail website is finally seeing light. Please pardon my amateur skills and drop us any feedback on how to make it better, okay?

In any case, I was inspired to insert a blog into our website really because, after hosting all our relatives, friends, friends of friends on board and opening up our yacht for public charters, I've been getting many similar questions like, 'Why did your dad (Captain Wong) suddenly decide to get a boat?' 'What does Ximula mean?' 'So, where's the furthest you guys have sailed to?' 'Don't you get bored while you're out at sea?' 'Which is the nicest island you've visited?' 'How do you get the boating license?' etc etc. So, I decided we really need a platform to share our stories of our adventures! Because, not everyone has the patience to stare into nothingness while being out at sea for an entire week, right? To spare you the agony, let us do the staring-into-nothingness so you can delve right into the destinations of paradise through this blog. (: I promise it will be full of beautiful photos. 

So, what does Ximula mean? (I swear, the most frequently asked question, so frequently asked I almost wanted to put this in our FAQs but it's quite a long story and it's not that critical and you can always ask me when we meet on board)

It actually doesn't mean anything.

XIMULA is the brand of Captain Wong's company, Zhaplin Work Pte Ltd's wardrobe system. Since 1999, Captain Wong has dedicated his life to building and growing his company, which manufactures flexible aluminium-based furniture. Being one of the pioneers in offering such furniture, Zhaplin is internationally acclaimed for their customizable wardrobe systems, namely ALUMIX (the first version) and XIMULA (the improved version). If you haven't already noticed, XIMULA is the exact mirror image of ALUMIX, a random Eureka moment when Captain Wong was fiddling with his ALUMIX logo.

Tadah! There you have it, we named our boat after a wardrobe. (: (: 

So, if you happen to be from the interior design or building and construction industry, please do check out Zhaplin Work Pte Ltd's website here or drop by the showrooms at Woodlands Spectrum I, Toa Payoh Industrial Park or Park Mall. #shamelessplug, yes I know.