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Experiential Sailing Program

"You can't change the direction of the wind, but you can adjust your sails to reach your destination."

There's a lot sailing can teach us in life and at work, whether it's team coordination, leadership and followership, or communication. Coupled with the challenge of the unpredictable weather conditions, participants will gain many insights through participating in various roles to sail a boat toward a common destination despite unknown factors. 

Led by sailors who have sailed all around Southeast Asia, this program offers participants an opportunity to learn how to navigate, steer and sail a boat through hands-on experience.

Ideal group size: 10 - 15 pax
From S$3500+ for a weekday 6-hour program.

+ Price is subject to prevailing GST.

Cross-Culture Teambuilding Program

A one-of-a-kind outdoor teambuilding program designed specifically for business owners, regional directors, or employees who work in multi-cultural teams or communicate regularly with international clients/vendors/partners. Through this program, participants will be equipped with knowledge of how cultural differences impact business processes, a deeper understanding of one another’s communication styles, and a stronger sense of teamwork.

Conducted by experts in cross-culture training and teambuilding, this program includes interactive and hands-on activities that will keep participants fully energized, in a relaxed setting on board a private sailing yacht out at sea and on the idyllic Southern Islands of Singapore. 

Ideal group size: 10 - 15 pax
Choose between 3 programs: Morning (8 hours) / Afternoon (6 hours) / Extended (10 hours)
From S$5000+ for a weekday 6-hour program.

+ Price is subject to prevailing GST.

Other Corporate Programs

Nothing intensive, just a casual bonding session for the team to get together and relax, or a special way to reward the top performing employees or VIP clients.

We've done everything in Singapore, time to go for an overseas adventure!

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