Packed with the most equipment available, guests will be kept entertained with the endless number of activities.

2 x 1-Man Kayaks &
1 x 3-Man Kayak

XIMULA is equipped with 2 one-man kayaks for the pros who are confident of their kayaking skills or comfortable in open sea water.

Alternatively, a three-man kayak is available for sharing between the pros and the amateurs. Non-swimmers may also attempt kayaking in the company of swimmers using this three-man kayak. The three-man kayak is propelled by 2 paddles only.

2 x Stand Up Paddle Boards

One of the latest up-and-coming sports, Stand-Up Paddling (SUP) is the most popular activity during yacht charters. With just a paddle and a board, guests can enjoy the paddle board in a multitude of ways - 1) standing up and paddling, 2) kneeling down and paddling, 3) lying with your stomach on the board and pushing with 2 hands, or even 4) doing yoga/pilates on it! 

3 x Snorkeling Masks

Snorkeling masks are also available for guests to look for fishes and corals underwater.

Safety Equipment

Sufficient life jackets are available for every guest on board XIMULA. 4 life buoys can also be found on deck. A safety briefing will be conducted before we leave the marina. 

Other Equipment/Activities

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