Run by a passionate and fun-loving team, we work perfectly together to create a memorable and enjoyable experience for all our guests on board XIMULA.


Asyranni Kosrom, Skipper

Having worked many jobs since young, Asyranni (also known as Ranni) finally found his dream job as a yacht skipper/captain. With his years of experience in the service industry before joining the Ximula Sail family in 2016, Ranni brings an exceptional level of attentiveness towards ensuring guests feel safe and comfortable on board and the yacht is in tip-top condition. Behind his serious face and tough look is a cheerful attitude, a playful soul and a quiet determination.

Other than helming and taking good care of Ximula, Ranni also has a myriad of other random skills, like bartending, DJ-ing and repairing motorbikes. 


Darren Lim, Skipper

Being a TV actor for more than 20 years, Darren has become a household name and a face easily (and excitedly) recognized by most Singaporeans. Known for his sense of adventure, he has lived with his family of 6 (including 4 adorable children) on board his yacht, Gracefully, for close to 3 years. Prior to Gracefully, his children also grew up at sea on board his previous 3 yachts. With his vast knowledge about the ocean and marine life, and his experience in sailing and diving, Darren hopes to educate and inspire more people to appreciate the great outdoors. 

Other than being a celebrity, a father and our captain, he is also a divemaster and enjoys golfing.


Minqi Wong, Crew & Sales/Marketing

An outdoor lover since young, Minqi has always dreamed of traveling the world as part of her job. Leveraging on the family yacht, she hopes to share her passion for the outdoors with other like-minded Singaporeans who are always looking for opportunities to temporarily escape from our crowded city.

Other than assisting guests on board Ximula, Minqi is also the face behind our Facebook Page, Instagram account, this amateur website, our customer hotline and email, and the handwriting of all the signs on board Ximula.


TC Wong, Skipper & Owner

Known for his out-of-the-box thoughts and lifestyle, Wong has loved boating since he was a teenager who was always going out fishing with his friends. Pursuing his passion, he used to own a 34ft Riviera powerboat docked at Keppel Marina back in 1994, but had to let it go when finances were tight. After 20 years of regret from letting it go (while working hard to grow his business, Zhaplin Work Pte Ltd), he has finally re-achieved his dream of owning a sailing catamaran, Ximula

Other than sailing and enhancing his catamaran, Wong also loves rockclimbing, mountain climbing, traveling to rural areas, and basically anything sun and sand and sea. 

Since 2016, Wong has retired from helming Ximula to continue his sailing adventures around Southeast Asia on board his 43ft Beneteau monohull sailboat, Ximula II.