The Story of Ximula

Yay! I am so happy that this website is finally up! And also secretly proud of myself (really noob at this kind of technology-related stuff) for setting this up with no professional help! After several months of trial-and-error, consulting Google, typing a thousand questions on the Squarespace help page, getting advice from friends and family, our Ximula Sail website is finally seeing light. Please pardon my amateur skills and drop us any feedback on how to make it better, okay?

In any case, I was inspired to insert a blog into our website really because, after hosting all our relatives, friends, friends of friends on board and opening up our yacht for public charters, I've been getting many similar questions like, 'Why did your dad (Captain Wong) suddenly decide to get a boat?' 'What does Ximula mean?' 'So, where's the furthest you guys have sailed to?' 'Don't you get bored while you're out at sea?' 'Which is the nicest island you've visited?' 'How do you get the boating license?' etc etc. So, I decided we really need a platform to share our stories of our adventures! Because, not everyone has the patience to stare into nothingness while being out at sea for an entire week, right? To spare you the agony, let us do the staring-into-nothingness so you can delve right into the destinations of paradise through this blog. (: I promise it will be full of beautiful photos. 

So, what does Ximula mean? (I swear, the most frequently asked question, so frequently asked I almost wanted to put this in our FAQs but it's quite a long story and it's not that critical and you can always ask me when we meet on board)

It actually doesn't mean anything.

XIMULA is the brand of Captain Wong's company, Zhaplin Work Pte Ltd's wardrobe system. Since 1999, Captain Wong has dedicated his life to building and growing his company, which manufactures flexible aluminium-based furniture. Being one of the pioneers in offering such furniture, Zhaplin is internationally acclaimed for their customizable wardrobe systems, namely ALUMIX (the first version) and XIMULA (the improved version). If you haven't already noticed, XIMULA is the exact mirror image of ALUMIX, a random Eureka moment when Captain Wong was fiddling with his ALUMIX logo.

Tadah! There you have it, we named our boat after a wardrobe. (: (: 

So, if you happen to be from the interior design or building and construction industry, please do check out Zhaplin Work Pte Ltd's website here or drop by the showrooms at Woodlands Spectrum I, Toa Payoh Industrial Park or Park Mall. #shamelessplug, yes I know.