Ximula Sail Share Happiness!

Hey sailors!

Do you know that 20 March is International Happiness Day?

We are reeling with excitement as it has always been our pursuit to inspire #AHappySailorInEveryone through each yachting experience! This month, we’d like to raise the bar (and sails) for us, by sharing the joy of being out at sea not just with our friends and guests, but with the underprivileged community too. But, we’ll need your help to make this happen.

ximulasail share happiness yacht charter.jpg

To celebrate International Happiness Day, we’re giving away:

4 complimentary tickets to our #FriendsofXimulaSail Sunset Cruise
for every yacht charter booked in the month of March!

These 4 tickets will be given to a beneficiary family from our adopted charity New Hope Community Services, or a welfare organization of your choice, so that they too can be a happy sailor just like you and me! Just contact us at hello@ximulasail.com / submit a booking request and indicate which welfare organization you’d like to gift these tickets to, and we’ll get in touch with the organization and take care of the rest!

Alternatively, you can also choose to gift a full experience by:

Sponsor a yacht charter for the underprivileged at a concession rate of S$699*.

*Do note that #XimulaSailShareHappiness concession charters are for 4 hours and available only on weekdays before 4pm.

Similarly, just contact us at hello@ximulasail.com / click the ‘Sponsor Now’ button below, share with us which community you work with and deserve a happy yacht experience, and we’ll get in touch with the organization and take care of the rest!

Help us share this news with your family or friends who are planning an upcoming celebration, so they can spread the happiness together with us!

ximulasail share happiness yacht charter.jpg

About our Adopted Charity:

New Hope Community Services is a registered charity that provides transitional shelters for homeless families and individuals in Singapore, regardless of race or religion. Do you know that there are at least 300 cases of homelessness reported to the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) annually? The homeless is often a forgotten community in Singapore., and New Hope’s mission is not only to provide a Shelter of Hope to them, but also to empower them with skills to alleviate and improve their situation.

Find out more about the work they do: https://www.newhopecs.org.sg/