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Reflections from our Sailing Holiday to Anambas Islands

We asked our guests, Shawne Koh @shawneydepp and Umehara Keiji @umeandhara, and our intern Vanessa, some questions about their experience at our recent open sailing holiday to Anambas Islands on 14 - 19 Jul 2019, and here’s some of their thoughts:

But sailing, the journey itself is also an adventure. It’s not just going to the destination, but the whole sailing part is part of the whole trip, the whole experience.   

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Sailing Holiday to Anambas Islands - an intern's perspective

Hello everyone! My name is Vanessa and I started my internship earlier on 2 July. My role at Ximula Sail involves assisting with sales and marketing, as well as occasionally serving as a crew on board during charters

Well, as a new team member, I was given the opportunity to experience one... Yep that’s right, MY VIRGIN SAILING TRIP!! (And I have a lot to share with you! Just bear with me okay!) 

Honestly, as a grown adult, I can't remember the last time I was THIS excited for anything.

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